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Sitting with our feelings can be uncomfortable.

In January, I had the opportunity to travel with a fair amount of time to myself. I had moments where I felt bored for the first time in a while. In some ways, I felt relieved not to have anything to do. I could really ponder the question, “what do I want to do right now?” I had not had the luxury in some time. And, it didn’t feel great at times too. It felt lonely. I felt a little lost and sad. I was still “recovering” from a very busy few months. I had been moving so fast for so long that I didn’t even know those feelings were there. It can be uncomfortable to sit with less than-desirable feelings. But, I knew I had to do it.


Simply asking “What are my feelings trying to tell me?” can provide deep insight.

So, I took a walk on the beach to contemplate and be with my feelings. Maybe it was because I was walking by the ocean and felt my “smallness” that my feelings were very strong. Who am I in this big world to wallow? Don’t I know how lucky I am? But, our feelings always have a message for us. So, I came back to “what are the feelings trying to tell me?” And at first, more questions came before answers. “Is that why I stay so busy? So I can avoid these feelings? What can I do to be more comfortable with myself when I’m not “doing” something? What do I desire in my life right now?  A romantic partner? More friends? More balance? I started to wonder why these things weren’t in my life now. Hmmm, then I remembered my spiritual teaching that life is unfolding perfectly. Every moment has something for us. And the crappy ones often have the most gifts. These tough feelings were telling me to look at my life.


Once we have identified the message from our feelings, we can act.

The prevailing feeling was loneliness so I took a cue from that. I could make more plans with my friends. I had been too busy to do that for too long. I could start dating again. (It had been a while!) I also recommitted to allowing for more downtime to allow any buried feelings to surface so they could be felt and released. I was starting to feel like I need to get moving now on all of this! Go, go, go! And then, I saw a turtle aimlessly roaming the beach. Slowly making its way to say hello to the beachgoers and explore the terrain. No rush. Everything works out. I’m sure the turtle had a lovely day. I realized that I didn’t need to rush either. What am I racing towards? I have life happening right here, right now on this beautiful beach. It’s time to enjoy it and trust that all will happen in right and perfect timing. When I remember that, things do happen in right and perfect timing. I listen to my intuition and work with waves of motivation and honor the times that the drive is not there.


Once we set an intention, the Universe conspires to make it happen.

Since that trip, I worked hard to honor the balance I needed between doing and being. Taking time with friends, solitary walks and hikes, and acting toward my goals. There have been times when the progress toward my goals did not feel fast enough. And here I am now in mid-March and there has been tremendous progress. I started dating a man that I really care about. I have taken many steps toward launching my first group business coaching program (stay tuned for more on that). This week in particular, I am feeling the drive to get back into the world with my gifts and talents and set up some more workshops (stay tuned for that too!). It didn’t happen right away and progress felt very slow at times, but when I look back I can see that it didn’t take that long to get here and I did it in a way that honored both the masculine (doing) side of me and my feminine (receptive) side.


The upcoming new moon and spring equinox support even further progress.

The Aries new moon will be on Tuesday, March 21st at 12:23 pm. In particular, it is a potent time to “plant seeds”. The energies are supportive for us to achieve our dreams and desires. Put yourself out there and use it! Something new is likely stirring in you that is wanting to emerge. Consider the following questions to contemplate:

  • What am I feeling?
  • What are the feelings telling me?
  • Where are my feelings guiding me?
  • What desire am I wanting?

After getting in touch with yourself in this way, write your New Moon desires and intentions down. Identify at least a couple of steps that will lead you to your goal.  How am I using this time? I mentioned the group coaching program that I want to offer. Last night, I applied for a grant to help me bring my program into existence. Wish me luck! I know that regardless of the outcome, that step toward my goal is helping me create the energy of success. I will revisit these intentions at the new moon next Tuesday and visualize it happening. I invite you to join me in this process for your own life.

Further supporting this new moon is the Spring Equinox on Monday, March 20th at 4:24 pm. This spring equinox is a fantastic time for a “rebirth” in your life, just like we will see through Mother Nature as the spring progresses. It is a perfect time to fall in love – with yourself, with a partner, with your friends. Where can you recommit to love? Finally, with help from the new moon, it’s a great time to take a leap of faith. Spring literally means “jump” in German.  After doing the process above, trust that you are ready. You’ve got this.

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