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Hi, I’m Denise, the heart and spirit behind Live Life.

My spiritual life has always been very important to me and I’ve felt compelled to explore and nurture it. I feel deeply passionate about my own journey. Now that I’m a spiritually-minded business coach, spiritual coach, and Reiki practitioner, I’m thankful to be able to guide others on their own journey. I’d love to help you explore what makes your soul sing in work and play.

Let's explore together what your life might look like if you were truly living the song of your soul.

I truly hope that you are happy in every aspect of your life. But if you are thinking: ‘Am I really living in a way that truly nourishes my soul?’ Or ‘Is my life really all it could be?’ Then, I might be able to guide you back to your soul’s path.

Live Life Spiritual Direction Vision
We all joyfully pursue and boldly live our dreams.


The mission of Live Life Spiritual Direction is to teach individuals and entrepreneurs to become the successful, confident, and joyful humans they are meant to be.


I’ve been in the steady pursuit of spiritual awareness since childhood. As an adult, I searched for my spiritual home. When I stumbled upon the Chicago Center for Spiritual Living in 2008, I realized I had not only found my home, but also a philosophy for life, Science of Mind.

Science of Mind, simply put, teaches the unity of all life.

Intentions and ideas flow through a field of consciousness, which affects and creates the world around us, based on our own belief system and worldview. This idea is common to the major religions, usually through the term “faith”, and is supported by the teachings of psychology and quantum physics.

I believe the secret to living a successful life is to consciously choose positive and productive thoughts and break through fear that holds us back.

Life is fuller when it is truly “lived”.

I have spent my adult years facing my fears head-on, overcoming them, and generating interesting and rewarding experiences in my life. From starting a women’s motorcycle apparel company to traveling to far reaches of the planet, I have pushed myself to truly live this life.

Transform limiting beliefs for a greater expression of life.

I am a licensed spiritual practitioner through the Centers for Spiritual Living and a certified Clear Inner Focus life coach. I help my clients to live the song of their soul by guiding them to identify and overcome false beliefs about themselves and the world and pursue their dreams.

I am immersed in the practice of Reiki or “energy healing.”

Reiki is a form of healing therapy. It emerged in Japan in the late 1800s and involves the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner to the client. I’m a Reiki Master, trained through Usui Reiki by master Reiki teacher, Annemieke Philipsen.

Connecting the physical world to the spiritual world

With over 30 years of business and spiritual coaching, financial, and entrepreneurial experience, I am uniquely positioned to guide entrepreneurs to a successful business plan and launch. I am currently a Clinical Assistant Professor of Finance and a featured speaker on entrepreneurship at the University of Illinois Gies College of Business where I have been recognized on the List of Excellent Teachers as Ranked by Students and as a Dean’s Impact Award recipient. Prior to my faculty position, I have 25 years of commercial banking experience and 10+ years as an entrepreneur. I have a B.S. in Finance from the University of Illinois Gies College of Business and an MBA from Kellogg’s School of Management at Northwestern University. As a heart-centered business coach, I not only help business owners to determine the next steps in the physical world, but also uncover and overcome any mental, emotional, or spiritual obstacles to success. My uncommon blend of spiritual training with a deep financial and entrepreneurial background allows me to assist business owners to reach new heights and live the song of their soul in both work and play.

I’m excited to share my learnings and insights with you.

Many blessings,
Denise L. Maple, RScP, MBA


Live Life Spiritual Direction is an open and affirming oasis that accepts you no matter your past, who you are, who you love, what you look like, your political affiliation, or where you are from. You are accepted and loved, no matter what.  Live Life takes a stand for non-violence in words and actions.

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The mission of Live Life Spiritual Direction is to teach individuals and entrepreneurs to become the successful, confident, and joyful humans they are meant to be.