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Spring is a time of renewal and regeneration!

In the spring, it’s a great time to ask “How would I like my life to be different?”

In most parts of the US and Canada, it is a time of abundant spring flowers and excitement about the warmer weather. We often feel our energy renewed and uplifted by the sun and wildlife. It’s also a great time to harness that energy and embark on a path of self-renewal and abundant living.

Introspective Spring Journaling prompt: How would I like my life to be different?  Notice what comes up. Is it something that you feel that you could change on your own? Would you like to enlist a friend or coach to help keep you accountable and on track?

On Monday, I recommitted to my exercise and healthy eating regimen with my partner, Iain. For every “good” day we have, we each put $2 in a jar. We report our progress for the day to each other. We will check in next month and see how we are doing and renew our commitment for the next month and so on. Oh yeah, and we will count the money!  When we have enough, we plan to use the money for a trip that we can take together. I found that the idea was less fun doing it all by myself with no reward!! Brainstorm!! We made it fun!

Where would you like to see a change? And if you don’t see anywhere that you need a change, take the time to give thanks. Gratitude is such a powerful practice and can lead to more prosperity, joy, love, or whatever is the focus of your gratitude. Read below for upcoming events that support your gratitude practice and more expansive living.

If you’d like some assistance staying on track with your goals, let’s chat. Set up some time here. I offer free consultations for spiritual counseling and my other services!

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