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Holistic business coaching is a blend of practical business advice and planning along with mindset coaching. Owning and running a business takes a different mentality than working for someone else. We are more successful when we uncover and overcome our limiting beliefs about ourselves, our business, our customers, and the world.

In a holistic business coaching session, we discuss your goals and identify steps to help you achieve them. We also work together to uncover and overcome your limiting beliefs, so you can accelerate the success of your business. If you have a particular spiritual belief, we bring your goals into prayer and trust that Spirit is working with us to achieve your success.

Commonly, I work with mind/body/spirit businesses. However, I will work with any business owner that understands that it’s not just what you do, but how you do it and how you view it. For example, if you consciously or unconsciously believe that you might not reach your sales targets, you may unconsciously create obstacles to reaching that goal, such as lacking the confidence to market your product or service. When this happens, you also send signals to the Universe about your lack of belief in your business and that interrupts the Universal flow of your path to meeting those targets.

I have a deep financial background and understand how to interpret financial statements, model projections, and complete business plans. Having been in commercial banking and entrepreneurial endeavors for 25 and 10 years, respectively, I have exposure to and understanding of most areas of business.

Any session will be customized to your needs, but I will give an overview here of what the process might look like.

  1. In a session, we first examine your goals. I may ask questions to uncover any blocks. My job is to help you unlock them through questions and dialogue. Once we uncover any false beliefs that you hold, I may take you through a process to change the limiting beliefs. I am only guiding you. You are doing the work. Believe it and watch it work!
  2. Then we discuss and agree upon your next steps to anchor in the new patterns and positive beliefs about you and your business. This may be taking an action step towards a goal or a daily practice, such as an affirmation.
  3. I typically end the session with an affirmative prayer. Rather than begging or beseeching Spirit (or God, the Universe, Life, Source, or any term you prefer), affirmative prayer connects us with the essence of the God within and asserts positive beliefs about the desired outcome. Affirmative prayer reflects that we are each led to our highest good, despite any temporary appearances that may indicate otherwise. We proactively guide this mental picture to create the life that we want to see and experience.
  4. In future sessions, we discuss your progress and decide together on each meeting’s focus.

To make the biggest impact, I recommend a minimum of five sessions; however, you may start with one and go from there. I would be honored to walk with you on your path to success and prosperity.

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