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Yes, the world needs more galloping. Don’t you agree?

I was recently chatting with a dear friend about her recent self-care practice, which included going into the forest and galloping around in joy and laughter. “Wow! That sounds like so much fun. Why don’t I do things like that?”, I thought. The truth is that I do dance just for the fun and the joy of it. It’s a regular practice for me. It opens my senses, relieves my stress, and gives me pleasure. But galloping? That takes it all to a new level – running freely through the forest. I think that is how we are meant to operate as humans – with more freedom and bliss, unleashing our animal instincts in a healthy way.

As I asked her more about her experience in the woods, she shared that she operated from a spontaneous place inside her. She just allowed her body to do what it was craving. She had sense that the elementals of this forest land were with her in spirit. She had such a marvelous experience that she brought her young son with her the next time. What a great lesson for a child. Joy and play are not only okay, but it is healing and life giving. When we heal and transform ourselves, it raises the vibration of those around us and it is a ripple effect throughout the planet. Please never forget that your Light matters.

It’s time to deprogram ourselves from the false belief that we must suffer to be “good”.

I was listening to a video by a wonderful soul today by the name of Lee Harris. He stated that we have been trained out of our ability for sustainable joy. We’ve been taught to sacrifice and suffer. But we do more for the world by raising our own frequency and experiencing joy. When we own and feel all of our feelings, we are more our whole self. And our whole selves are meant to shine and be expressed.

If galloping is not for you, what is your equivalent?

I invite you to journal about your galloping equivalent. What would bring you joy? Is it the galloping in the woods, dancing, creating art, or playing with children. Maybe it’s something else. I encourage you to try something new with wild abandon and see what happens to your mood, spirit, and life experience. Notice how your life changes as you allow more joy into your life.

I have done plenty of hiking in the forest. I live amid the Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest of Wisconsin. I know that I am blessed and feel deep gratitude often for the beauty that surrounds me. It is calming for me to take a mindful, present hike, noticing the smells, sounds, and animals nearby. But I really like this idea of galloping! With all the peace that the experience brings, I imagine that it is easier to tap into the wonder and delight that a little “horse play” can bring. Maybe I can also bring this feeling of freedom and delight into my dance practice. I am ready to try it!! Are you?


Thank you for reading my blog. I would love to hear your comments below or set up a free consultation or spiritual coaching session with me here to explore how you might find your path to your elation and glee.

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