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Reiki sessions provide energy healing that align chakras and promote overall well-being. After experiencing Reiki, people often feel a sense of peace and contentment. You may also feel rejuvenated and/or a deep feeling of wholeness. There have been several studies that indicate that Reiki can assist in the alleviation of pain and heal conditions such as autoimmune, cardiac, and PTSD .

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45-minute session – $75
5 session package – $325
45-minute Reiki & 45-minute Spiritual Coaching session – $140
45-minute Reiki & 45-minute Spiritual Coaching 5 session package – $650

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In Reiki sessions, it is most effective for you to lie down, relax, and invite the healing energy to flow. The Reiki flows from my hands to you whether we are in each other’s physical presence or you are many miles away. I am merely a channel for this energy. Spirit is doing the work. The healing Reiki energy goes to where it is needed most. I recommend that after sessions, you find some quiet time to rest, reflect, and journal any visions or insights during or after the session. For more information on Reiki, you may wish to read our blog here.

When you schedule a session, you will have the option to meet via Zoom or in person at our office at 202 E. Main St, Whitewater, WI 53190. By appointment only.

After your Reiki session, I recommend that you drink more water than usual as it is a detoxifying process. You may also want to spend some time in quiet, restful energy to let the Reiki energy integrate.

If the service fee is out of your price range, I am open to a mutually agreed-upon trade of goods or services of equal value.

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45 min Reiki session, 5 session Reiki package, 45 min Reiki & 45 min Spiritual Coaching, Reiki & Coaching 5 session package

  1. Al

    Denise is probably one of the best Reiki healers, she’ll relax you and help you heal with care and great energy. I’d recommend her to anyone!

    • Avatar photo

      Denise Maple

      Thanks so much, Al! It is a pleasure to know you!

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