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Are you feeling the pinch of inflation? Are you tired of working so hard for so little? Do you ever wonder when it’s your turn to have what you want? Do you want financial freedom now? If yes, then please keep reading. There is a better way.

Age-old collective beliefs hold us back.

Many of us have been taught old adages, such as “You have to work hard to make money” and “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. So essentially, the idea is “money – it don’t come easy”. You have to struggle to make it. This is part of the American Dream. Work hard. Make something of yourself. Reap the rewards. This antiquated belief may lead to one of two responses. One, “I don’t want to work that hard. I give up.” And two, “I’ll just grind it out until it happens and I’m financially successful.” And then, we, as humans, tend to continue to grind it out to keep the success that we have. And then, the burnout comes…. A mid-life crisis perhaps? That may be another blog! But think about the times, you have received something without working for it. Have you ever received money or a gift just because or because someone is happy you were born? Maybe for your birthday or just because. There are examples out there for all of us when we received a beautiful gift from the Universe.

There are other false ideas and beliefs holding us back too. And they come from old beliefs and sayings too. “Money is the root of all evil.” The Bible actually says something like “money is the root of all kinds of evil.” Can you see the difference? Money can corrupt (and we have evidence that it has), but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will. Think about all the good that is done by generous benefactors to help others in need. Money is the main currency by which we acquire what we need and want. It puts food on our tables. It helps us take care of our loved ones and ourselves.

We may also have an unconscious belief that we are not good enough to have all that we want, including achieving a higher level of wealth. We may ask ourselves, “Who am I to expect so much when others have so little?’  I’m not sure it’s helping the world though by playing small and accepting less in life. We live in an infinite Universe. Because you have something doesn’t mean someone else can’t. When we have more, we can give more.

Is this the truth? Are these beliefs and sayings reality?

Some people make it look easy to attract money. They don’t have to work very hard at all. Maybe they were born into money, married into money, or received an inheritance. What is different about them? Are they just lucky? Do they deserve it more? Whether it seems fair or not, the Universe works on the level of the Law of Attraction. What we believe about ourselves and the world, we attract. It’s actually a pretty fair system once you understand it. There is a cause and effect. What are you saying to yourself about money? About yourself? Are your actions aligned with your intentions? All great questions to ponder to get in touch with our own personal level of prosperity.

Money is simply energy.

It’s not good. It’s not bad. It is. It can help us, and it can cause problems. It comes and goes. We receive it. We spend it. We invest it. Sometimes the investments are up and sometimes they are down. When we hold on to anything too tight, our fear can cause it to repel from us. We are better served looking at the money we do have and feeling appreciation for that. Like with anything, when we trust and accept what is, we attract more goodness to us.

You are worthy.

We do deserve all of the good that comes to us. Intellectually, as humans, we usually get that. But sometimes our true beliefs are under that surface based on our life experiences and programming that we received over the years from society, school, our family, etc. When we are experiencing feelings of poverty and lack, it’s time to remember when we have received something special and of worth. Have you ever needed something and have the solution seem to appear seemingly magically? Or just think about the times when things did work out for you. Remember your past history of abundance and give thanks.

Conscious Manifestation

By using the Law of Attraction, we can direct and call in what we want. Pay very close attention to your thoughts and words. Are you saying that you are poor or don’t have enough money? And so it is. Instead, visualize achieving your desires. Choose to see yourself as a money magnet. It may take time and discipline to change your attitude, but it is possible and it does work. I have written in the past about my goal in 2017 to find a new home and job and to take a summer off. Once I let go of struggling to figure it out and trusted life, the pieces began to fall into place. A new job opportunity appeared. I met a neighbor who wanted to buy my condo, freeing me to move to my new teaching job (yep, summer’s off!). It works if you work it.

We live in a world that often appears to lack so much. It is up to us to change our belief system and trust that life is for us. To notice what is working and what is showing up. Appreciation and focus can change things – sometimes quickly and sometimes over time. But it does change. Patience may be required as we learn and grow into our new prosperity consciousness.

Financial freedom is possible now.

If you would like to really get to work on changing your financial situation and your internal beliefs, join me this Saturday at Susanna Farms in Lake Villa, IL for Financial Freedom Now. A two-hour workshop to help you turn the tide on your financial situation and experience freedom. To register and learn more, simply click here.

“Generosity is the seed of wealth.​ A generous heart is a prosperous heart.” – Denise Maple

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