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For my morning meditation today, I listened to a guided meditation on Insight Timer called “21 Blessings From the Divine Feminine” by Glenda Cedarleaf. It broke me open. Meditations can do that when we sit in the quiet and invite our true selves, our feelings, our fears, and our dreams. This meditation highlights the immense value of the Divine Feminine that exists within all of us. Feminine traits include nurturing, intuition, creativity, listening, and so much more.

How did it break me open? First, I connected with my buried sadness over how the feminine has been devalued in our society for millennia. Yes, women have been making great strides in terms of rights and accomplishments over the last century or two. And yet, sexual violence and harassment still occur at an alarming rate. Women are still paid, on average, much less than men. I choose not to go on with the list of ways we have been diminished. But I do choose to honor my sadness at this fact. Buried and unexpressed feelings lead to illness and the stagnation of transforming limiting beliefs. As I recognize my sadness, I move through it to acceptance. But not a passive acceptance. I accept it in a way that inspires me to celebrate the feminine and to support its rise. It is time for the Divine Feminine to reclaim its rightful place in both men and women. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if women truly knew their power and if men allowed their softer side to be expressed? Perhaps non-binary individuals are helping set that balance. Can we accept that allowing for individual choice around gender neutrality is for our highest good? I urge us to do so. We would benefit from supporting anything that helps restore the Divine Feminine and Masculine balance and allows people to be who and how they want to be. Let’s consciously allow and encourage men to listen and rely on intuition, not just facts. To accept men who express their feelings and allow themselves to be vulnerable.

The second way the meditation broke me open was by thinking about my dad, who passed unexpectedly in 2018.  A dear friend lost her father very recently and witnessing her experience her grief and lessons learned, I can’t help but think about my own experience grieving my father’s transition. My dad was always loving. Both my parents always have been. I am immensely blessed in that way. And, I saw my dad’s capacity to love grow as he got older. He softened over time. He learned from his experiences and yet still had the courage to open his heart more. He allowed himself to be awed by beauty. Sadly, I couldn’t always receive his robust love. It was like I had to take time to calibrate being around him and his loving energy. It was so immense. And of course, my inability to receive his love fully was about me, not him. I had feelings of unworthiness that shut down my heart. While I have done a lot of work to uncover my false beliefs about my self-worth, they still exist. But as I heal and shed them, I love harder. I accept life as it comes better. I see and appreciate the beauty in this world. I allow and accept my feminine traits to emerge more strongly and broadly. Isn’t it ironic that I was inspired by my father to embrace my feminine gifts? That shows the mystery and elegance of life. The unexpected is always around the corner. It is our choice whether to call it good or bad, or just accept it and learn from it.


  • KRF says:

    That’s great, Denise. I wished my meditation sessions lead me to such a profound place. I suppose I need to try harder. It takes a great deal of practice.

    • Avatar photo Denise Maple says:

      Hi Kirk! Thanks for commenting. Trust me, it doesn’t happen every time. And it wasn’t even really the goal, but it does happen from time to time for me. I guess if we do it enough, it just happens. Whatever you are doing with meditation, I am sure, is beneficial. So many good reasons to do it.

      • Nadene says:

        I totally get this. I too think non-binary declarations could help us evolve. I hope that one day our society will value women and femininity as much as men and masculinity. Currently now it feels like femininity is something for others to constrict and bind. Again, as if in fear or jeoulosy of women’s ability to create life and love so very deeply.

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